nous' XRLAB is the highest quality VR room solution for all professional standards.

Our customers value rich quality and durable products and services. Our XRLab is designed as a VR room-solution that meets the high demands of a professional operation, while presenting modern and innovative impressions to the users. The XRLab is compatible with all common VR software content, in addition to self-developed VR content. This system is controlled via tablets that have an installed intuitive control system.

Our xRLAB is the premium VR room that meets the highest of demands

The xRLAB is the prime solution for Roomscale VR (meaning VR with free movement to the user, expanding between 9-25 square meters). Within the xRLAB, all of the necessary software and hardware components required for an immediate entry into the VR world are included and at your disposal. This installation only requires 10 square meters of space for assembly, does not permanently cause damage to the physical aspects of your location (no floor or wall damage), and only takes 6 hours to assemble.

The xRLAB was created with the intention to meet every possible need that customers could have regarding their VR/AR projects. It is a rendering service that is designed to be a visually pleasing, yet highly functioning VR space solution. The xRLAB is not just a playback room for VR, but a collaboration of market-leading software and hardware. It functions as an effective instrument for marketing, research, and the staging of VR projects, especially for projects expected to be deployed within an area of ample space.

“Our XRLAB presents our clients with the opportunities and abilities to test VR content in a uniquely professional way- especially with its already-installed software and design. It’s unique to us and our clients in the sense that it’s very different from the error-prone home improvement installations we often see at reputable companies within the industry. With the XRLAB, our clients are able to confidently pursue their projects without the worry of system failure or a lack of security”Thomas Heinrich, CSO

The key features of the XRLAB include:

  • 6-hour assembly time
  • Turnkey handover
  • Intuitive control system via tablet/laptop
  • Quality construction supplies
  • Compliance with the most important security requirements for use in a public space
  • No lasting structural effects
  • High user security
  • Playback of all common VR content, including self-developed content
  • No permanent internet connection required
  • xRLAB is composed of the latest VR peripherals and IT infrastructure

The xRLAB also includes:

  • A connected 55” Ambilight TV
  • Capability to use mixed reality products in addition to the VR/AR products
  • Fully customizable
  • Available with smell, air, and temperature immersive qualities as an option
  • Partial sound-absorbing features
  • Allows free movement of the user within a 9-square meter basis

The following software functions of the xRLAB that can be controlled via the included IMCS tablet include:

  • The management of VR usage times
  • The addition of new VR content
  • Access to an offline reservation system
  • Ability to take out and implement different VR content
  • Display of advertising content directly in the VR glasses (can be shown before/after use)
  • Display of advertising content on the monitor
  • Youth Protection System
  • Collection of NPS


In addition to these attributes of the xRLAB, the system can also be configured to completely match all of our customers’ requirements, providing our clients with any and all VR solutions they are looking for through the use of the xRLAB.

Contact us for more information or questions regarding our xRLAB.

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