With immersive media, you can reach your sales & marketing goals.

Immersive media is a powerful tool for sales & marketing. With it, you can improve the emotionality of your customers, explain complex products, and show brand messages that help to inform and guide users/customers. With virtual and augmented reality, your company will gain greater strengths in customer relationship management.

When it comes to VR, the early bird really does get the worm

As more and more companies use immersive media in order to support their sales & marketing operations, there are countless opportunities remaining to attract attention as first users of virtual/augmented reality.

Immersive media is perfectly suited for use in sales & marketing projects, whether it be online, at the point of sale, in stationary retail, at a convention, as a supplement to a sales kit, or as a scatter marketing plan. Wherever you meet your customers, immersive media supports your sales & marketing activities.

“Immersive Media is a game changer for all of those involved in sales roles. There are no sales tools currently that combine as many positive effects at such a maximum scaling potential: presentation function, positive and professional image, customer attraction, independence of location and collection of valuable usage data, other than immersive media. Especially with conventions’ point of sale and retail, immersive media will become indispensable within a few years’ time.” – Thomas Heinrich, CSO

In the sales & marketing division, nous provides support as a full-service provider From the beginning of the joint planning of the deployment scenario, to the design and implementation of the point of sales/VR rooms for trade fairs, to the implementation of the VR/AR software, you receive everything you need from a single source: nous.

Data collection and market research All nous-developed VR software solutions are capable of collecting valuable data that can be analyzed by your company. For example, companies would be able to see what their users engaged with the most while engaging in immersive media, or what most struck their interest. Information can be generated via our VR software solutions regarding the time of use, the break-off rate and the age and gender of users. In addition to this valuable information, market research tools, such as NPS (Net Promoter Score) also serves an option to be integrated into your project and software.

Examples of the use of immersive media within the sales & marketing divisions of business

  • Point of sale/retail: Ability to reach your customers with a futuristic VR installation at the point of sale/in-store. This approach allows you to communicate your brand message in an unprecedented way, increase your customer’s personalization independently of your staff, and give the customers the opportunity to experience positive brand experiences with a VR mini-game/product customizer.
  • Trade Fairs/Conventions/Fairs: Possessing a VR installation at your exhibition stand provides you with the advantageous opportunity to make large/complex products accessible to potential new customers, without the need for logistical efforts. Simultaneously, you are able to present your company as technologically advanced, and will attract more visitors to your exhibiting space. For example, by possessing a VR mini game at your exhibit that is developed specifically for your company, you have the unique chance to amuse your guests, while at the same time informing them of your products and services offered.
  • Sales Kits: By choosing to use immersive media to meet your sales goals, you equip your sales representatives with modern VR equipment, giving them the opportunity to present products and services to your customers regardless of their location.
  • Print marketing: With immersive media, your company can expand its advertising methods. Instead of sending out flyers and pens as means of advertising, with foldable VR glasses and an online VR application, for example, you will gain and establish a high quality of company recognition from potential customers. This idea of VR marketing can be used to present customers with your new product and explain the sustainability of your company, for example.

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