Who makes up nous.

The management of nous GmbH consists of three professionals with complementary expertise and years of relevant working experience.
Thomas Heinrich Thomas Heinrich had served as a sales developer for a corporate customer in the multimedia sector prior to nous, as well as a sales consultant for various other companies. In 2013, he discovered his passion for immersive media, and went on to found Germany’s first public VR showroom. He serves as an expert in VR topics, speaks at German and international engagements, is interviewed on a variety of TV programs, and is currently responsible for the sales and marketing functions at nous.
Nico Kreusel Nico Kreusel has served as a managing partner for the Nuremberg company and growth consultancy, VEND consulting, for nearly 10 years. He has been responsible for the successful management and development of over 50 projects within the topics of finance, IT strategy and business development. In addition, Nico Kreusel is a lecturer on the topic of startup management at several German and foreign universities. At nous, Nico is in charge of the management of the company, and additionally focuses on its finance and operations processes. He takes a special focus on nous' work within Augmented Reality projects.
Benjamin Graf Benjamin Graf is responsible for project development and technology at nous. During his MBA studies, the computer scientist founded his own company, anlyx, where he managed various IT and software projects, and specialized in several extensive IT projects in technical and non-technical areas. Prior to nous, he has also served as an external consultant and was focused on leading efficient development teams.

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