Professional VR entertainment for your business.

One of the latest major trends that nous has discovered within the commercial use of immersive media is the wide usage of VR entertainment zones. These VR installations support stationary business models and serve as a “customer-magnet” that attaches a modern and customer-focused reputation to the company deploying these zones.

With nous, you achieve your goals in VR entertainment

Since 2017, nous has served as the market leader for the expansion of commercial VR entertainment venues within Germany. Our projects focus on comprehensive consulting, realistic planning of business cases, and the targeted use of state-of-the-art VR entertainment technology.

“Virtual Reality Entertainment is a ‘bowling night 2.0’- A dynamic group experience with a high satisfaction rate” -Nico Kreusel, CEO

Our products and services apply to a wide-ranging audience of customers, such as movie chains, cruise ships, and franchises as well as escape rooms, laser tag halls, and new companies. No matter the size of the company, or whether or not the Virtual Reality Entertainment is the main aspect of the business or is a side attraction, all VR Entertainment first movers have one thing in common: they rely on a high level of innovation and unlimited flexibility, both of which virtual reality provides to stationary business models.

“We enable our clients to plan and implement their VR entertainment installations professionally and efficiently in order to find the right content for their target groups and to be able to conduct their operations in a result-oriented process.” -Thomas Heinrich, CSO

nous is a full-service provider for VR Location-Based Entertainment. Not only do we support our customers with our experience and knowledge, but we also implement VR Location-Based Zones. This process includes coordinating VR hardware and software components, the intuitive control software IMCS, turnkey room solutions/VR system construction and installation, calibration, and the commissioning of all of the components listed above.

nous’ planned and implemented VR Location-Based Entertainment Zones are specially designed to save staff costs, offer low maintenance requirements, and are equipped with the right entertainment mix for the intended target group.” -Matthias Hartmann, Key Account Manager

Further services within our field of VR Location-Based Entertainment are:

  • Overall conception
  • Planning of business cases
  • Spatial planning
  • Consultation regarding possible attractions
  • Target Group Analysis
  • Consultation regarding location selection
  • Marketing Consulting
  • Content Selection
  • Licensing Negotiations
  • Technology Scouting
  • Individual Control Software
  • Operational Support
  • Remote maintenance
  • Result evaluation and control
  • Personnel training
  • Development of individual software, such as short game experiences and marketing effects


As a first mover within immersive media, we have been involved in many projects as suppliers and responsible parties for the success of each project. Take a look at some of the projects that nous has completed:


  • Opening Germany’s first VR arcade
  • Germany’s first cinema with a VR zone
  • The first cruise ship with a VR zone
  • The first Swiss cinema with a VR zone
  • The first casino in Germany with a VR zone
  • First VR Arcade in Berlin
  • Germany’s first escape room with a VR motion zone
  • First gym with a VR motion zone
  • Bavaria’s first VR arcade

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