Immersive media helps you achieve your business goals.

With immersive media, you are able to utilize this valuable tool to increase your efficiency, save costs, and achieve better results, especially in planning and within the area of service and maintenance.

Immersive Media changes the way you plan and maintain

“Whether you are using immersive media for production planning, or for service and maintenance tasks, virtual and augmented reality offer real added value for Industry 4.0, and help to save costs and conserve critical resources.”  – Nico Kreusel, CEO

Possible scenarios for immersive media in Industry 4.0

Planning: Before immersive media, time-consuming processes were the go-to when planning projects. Now, immersive media presents you with the opportunity to speed through planning processes quickly and efficiently, while also minimizing risks all thanks to this state-of-the-art-technology.

Service and Maintenance: With the help of augmented reality devices, you can increase the efficiency of your after-sales service. AR allows you to provide your technicians with relevant information in real-time on the transparency display, and the ability to establish live communication between service employees and the distributors. With this feature, the distributor is able to see “through the eyes” of the service employee and can verbally or visually pass information through the AR device to the acting employee in real time.

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