Control your commercial VR installations easily with help from nous.

Providing our clients with IMCS, nous presents them with an unprecedented tool and opportunity for effectively controlling their commercial VR installations. Whether the project is at an exhibition, being used in a point-of-sale environment, or used within the field of entertainment, IMCS takes the operation of VR installations mobile, and provides support with valuable marketing and research functions, supplying you with everything you need for VR installations.

With IMCS, you always have full control over your commercial VR installations

IMCS allows you to control and manage a nearly unlimited number of VR solutions in an easily accessible, mobile way. IMCS simplifies the operation of VR installations, increases speed and efficiency, and reduces staff costs by up to 50%. In addition, the software provides clients with unrivaled research capabilities surrounding marketing, reservations and market research.

nous’ IMCS is system-independent, and can be combined with nearly all VR peripherals. The basic functions of the system are currently supported by HTC VIVE and the Oculus Rift. The Virtuix Omni is expected to be added to this list in the near future. Please contact us if you plan to use other unique and less commonly known VR peripherals, and we will confirm if it is compatible with our IMCS.

The basic functions of our IMCS are broad and meet nearly every need our clients could have. These consist of:

  • Managing VR usage times
  • Adding new VR content
  • Setting usage times
  • Online reservation system
  • Offline reservation system
  • Changing of VR content
  • SelfService, selection of VR content directly made available to user
  • Direct display of advertising content in VR glasses, both before and after use
  • Display of advertising content on the monitor
  • Restriction of image output to the monitor under FSK settings
  • Survey of NPS
  • Functions for user support (help button, two-way communication)
  • Usage statistics
  • User accounts with different permission levels
  • Maintenance mode
  • Shut down and restart VR installations
  • Include 360 degree videos


IMCSPro: The next degree of our IMCS is IMCSPro. This level is an option for our clients if the basic IMCS offerings do not meet all of their project needs. nous is happy to create and customize a VR control system that is specifically tailored to your needs based on our basic IMCS program. Please contact us if you are looking for a fully autonomous VR installation or similar options.

IMCService: For any potential client that is already using an IM installation that requires IMCS, with nous, they are eligible to participate in our IMCService program. As a part of this special service and maintenance contract, nous assists clients during the operation of their VR installations, and will ensure functionality at all times. For an individual SLA (Service Level Agreement) please contact us.

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