nous consists of well-equipped specialists that support projects from their initial idea to the actual operational deployment, especially ones that help our clients to establish a strategic advantage within their market segment. We value prudent and realistic project planning, goals and objectives, and refrain from unrealistic promises or guarantees.

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We often start our informative lectures with the quote, “Immersive media today can be compared to cell phone apps 10 years ago–everyone had heard of them and there was always a basic interest, but no one knew how the technology could be used meaningfully.” Based on this quote, we position ourselves to utilize our talents and knowledge to serve as consulting implementers, particularly through placing an emphasis on the meaningfulness behind using immersive media. We are constantly evaluating the developments within our industry, and most importantly, how we can continue to improve in order to best meet the needs of our clients.

In order to identify purposeful applications for immersive media within our clients’ companies, a basic understanding of technology is critical. Immersive media is defined as virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality. nous’s approach to each project is determined by the specific needs of the client, and possesses a basic structure to the approach that is divided into three main areas: consultation, implementation, and support. The combination and intensity of these structural elements vary depending on each project, as our approaches to each of our projects are specially adjusted the needs of our customers.

Though the immersive media industry is still very new, many components of this industry have already been standardized and developed, when compared to other business environments that are still working out the very basics of their functions. The price for the continued development and implementation of immersive media solutions always consists of these price drivers: infrastructure, content, and design.

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