VR glasses will soon no longer be a novelty.

nous' offering of exclusive hardware will ensure your company acquires access to, and maintains an innovative image that will elevates you above other competition. We support our clients in achieving their operational goals while using innovative VR hardware. In order to reach that goal, our team is constantly traveling around the world looking for new and exclusive VR hardware so that we can provide our clients with the best and most innovative hardware for use in business.

Expert hardware is guaranteed to serve as a visitor magnet, and is essential for VR entertainment zones

“Only a VR entertainment operation with high-quality and expert hardware can remain innovative in the long term, and competitive within the home country’s entertainment market” – Matthias Hartmann, Key Account Manager

The expert hardware that is distributed by nous is held to a high standard, and is required to meet a number of chosen selection criteria before it is included within our software portfolio. nous’ six aspects of criteria serve as:

Benefit: Is the use of the product likely to be considered fun and engaging to users? Does it provide an exceptional immersion experience? Does it have a high replay value? Can the product meet any and all software requirements?

Target Group: Is the product suitable for the most common target groups in Germany? Is the content available to common audiences? Is the usage requirements, i.e., weight and size, suitable for the German market?

Content: Is there a great amount of game content available for the product? Is the game content high quality and sustainable for continuous operation? Is enough game content available/is the hardware product compatible with enough game content?

Quality: Is the product of remarkable quality? Does it meet the German safety requirements, and could it meet the challenges of a professional operation?

Manufacturer: Is the hardware produced by a reputable company that can provide our customers with long-term servicing, updating and spare parts? Does the company produce under fair production conditions?

Value for Cost: Does the price of the product match its added value?

Only when a product can match all 6 of our categories of requirement, it will then be included within nous’ product portfolio.

These are the current products that can be purchased directly from nous on request:

  • Racing simulator
  • Virtual Reality Treadmill
  • Flight simulator
  • Motion-Seat
  • VR operating station


If you have any more specific or other requests, please contact us to learn more.

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