Immersive media conveys learning content in a more engaging way.

Through targeted addressing of different human senses, immersive media serves as the best platform for learning content in an unlimited number of situations. Using immersive media decisively support and accelerate the learning process of its users, while significantly reducing the effort required to convey specific learning content.

Immersive media helps your business effectively communicate important learning content

Through the targeted approach of combining the effects on different human senses, the possibility to impart content in a playful way, the reduction of learning-specific expenses and dangers, the increase of accessibility and the guarantee of teaching quality, immersive media is a multi-talented approach in the field of training & education.

Whether you want to replace expensive or extensive training, such as maintenance work on a hard-to-reach device, or want to show dangerous situations (like a fire brigade), or playfully convery learning content, with nous you have a partner at hand that can help you with any of your training & education needs within the use of immersive media.

“Training & education is one of the areas where immersive media shows its full potential. It will be exciting to see how much these business areas could be shaped in the future by virtual and augmented reality.” – Benjamin Graf, CTO

Benefits of immersive media in training & education business area include:

Multi-sensory: Immersive media appeals to a broad range of senses. With immersive media, content is conveyed visually and audibly, touches are simulated, and smells, wind, heat and coldness are all able to be factored into the experience of the user.

Playfulness: Immersive media content can be taught by using gamification mechanisms. This means that the learning content can be transformed into a competitive application, where trainees can compare themselves using a ‘high score’ table, for example, increasing engagement and likely resulting in more successful results of the training.

Simplicity: Immersive media usage can significantly reduce the effort that is required to convey specific knowledge. For example, complex and effort-intensive learning processes are able to be practiced virtually beforehand using immersive media, cutting traveling costs and business interruptions down to a minimum.

Safety: Risky training & education systems are able to be simulated through immersive media, without the user having to go through actual dangerous learning scenarios that could threaten their wellbeing.

Accessibility: With immersive media, you can make your most important teaching/training content accessible, regardless of the specific training or course program. Your employees/students would have constant access to important information and knowledge resources, and could continue to educate themselves decentrally and on their own time.

Quality: With immersive media, you become independent of trainers/instructors, as all of the content is defined in the same high quality.

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