Control your commercial VR applications with ease.
With the IMCS developed by nous, our clients can rely on having full control over their commercial virtual reality devices. As a client, you have for example the ability to control the VR content and to pinpoint direct advertising (i.e., place advertisements directly in VR glasses). In addition to these aspects, IMCS gives our customers the ability to learn their customers’ behavior and preferences over VR.
With the xRLAB, you can have your own VR room built in just 6 hours.
Our customers value rich quality and durable products and services. Our xRLAB is designed as a VR room-solution that meets the high demands of a professional operation, while simultaneously integrating modern and innovative impressions. The xRLAB is compatible with all common VR software content, in addition to self-developed VR content, and is controlled via an intuitive control system.
Bring immersive media into your business.
As a part of the XPERIENCE program, nous helps clients to bring and establish virtual reality and augmented reality within their companies. With modular VR/AR installations, nous relies on both learning-by-doing practices, in combination with knowledge and experience through our attendance of special keynotes, workshops and conferences pertaining to the field of immersive media.
Exclusive virtual reality entertainment.
Possessing the Virtuix Omni Treadmill, that is distributed exclusively by nous in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, your company will have the latest VR entertainment device available within the industry. This innovative gaming device gives users the ability to travel unlimited distances through the virtual world, while in reality jogging and walking on a state-of-the-art treadmill-like device.

We are nous.

With our team in Nuremberg combined with our global network of experts, nous professionally and holistically implements virtual reality and augmented reality solutions within the business industry, establishing us as one of the strongest competency specialists for immersive media within Germany. In our projects, we combine our experiences as consultants, incorporate our strengths as developers, and integrate specialists from related fields as needed, such as data security, amongst others.


In addition to implementing customized projects, nous additionally develops our own products and handles the distribution of exclusive VR and AR products within the DACH countries.

Primary Focus Areas.

nous has found that some applications are better suited for the multi-valued use of immersive media over others. That’s why nous specializes in five different focus areas as an implementation partner, all of which supply our customers with specialized knowledge and experience for projects within the field of immersive media.
01. Xperience
When doing business with us, we guide your company in better understanding of the application of immersive media within your business activities and services. We combine hands-on technology lessons and lectures that present a broad insight into this developing and exciting field of entertainment.
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02. Sales & Marketing
For desired enhancements and development within your sales and marketing division, immersive media usage is the solution. Through our commercial use of virtual reality/augmented reality, we helps customers to achieve both their operational and sales goals within their company.
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03. VR Entertainment
One of the latest major trends that nous has discovered within the commercial use of immersive media is the wide usage of VR entertainment zones. These VR installations support stationary business models and serve as a “customer-magnet” that attaches a modern and customer-focused reputation to the company deploying these zones.
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04. Industry 4.0
Serving as a facilitator, nous helps our clients in order to generate added value for their companies through the use of immersive media. We analyze their specific needs and goals, and then collaborate to create and implement both realistic and value-adding usages of immersive media within their companies.
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05. Educational Use
Through targeted addressing of different human senses, immersive media serves as the best platform for learning content in an unlimited number of situations. Using immersive media decisively support and accelerate the learning process of its users, while significantly reducing the effort required to convey specific learning content.
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